Quick Response Service Memebers
Dennis Gapsky
Emergency Medical Technician
David Gallagher
Ray Dietz
Emergency Medical Technician
Charlie Harris
Emergency Medical Technician
Ryan Loveland
Emergency Medical Technician
Dave Campbell
First Responder
Mike Campbell
First Aid, CPR, AED Certified
Tony Ahern
First Aid, CPR, AED Certified
Greg Creaturo
First Aid, CPR, AED Certified
David Brennan
First Aid, CPR, AED Certified
Jefferey Woodall Jr.
First Aid, CPR, AED Certified
Some information about our Service

What QRS is:
QRS stands for Quick Response Service. 259 QRS was formed to help the
citizens of our districts get medical aid faster. It not only helps our citizens but helps the EMS
agencies as well by having medically qualified personnel on scene to provide care and give
EMS patient updates.

First Due Response Area:
SHALER TOWNSHIP (Bauerstown, Cherry City, Elfinwild)
MILLVALE BORO  (Millvale)                                                              

Mutual Aid Areas:  
SHALER TOWNSHIP - (Undercliff, Elfinwild, Shaler Villa, Sharps Hill)
ROSS TOWNSHIP -  (Evergreen, Berkley Hills)                                                     
RESERVE TOWNSHIP - (Spring Garden, Mt. Troy)                                                             
ETNA BORO - (Etna)                                                                                              

Response Vehicles:
QRS SQUAD 259 (State Certified QRS) 2006 Ford Expedition
RESCUE 259 (State Certified QRS) 1996 KME Rescue                                         
ENGINE 259   (State Certified QRS) 1999 American La France                          

Responding EMS Services:    
Shaler EMS Station 170
                                 Ross West View EMSA Company 210                                                                

Response Types:   
We run various types of Emergency Medical calls. We respond to E-0, E-1, and E-2 calls in our first due.
Rescue 259 is used as an EMS based rescue to assist 312-R40 on Rescue Calls.

All equipment is donated by Shaler EMS and Ross West View EMSA
Our 3 AED's were donated to use from St Margaret's Hospital

Medical Coordinator:  
Dennis Gapsky (EMT-B)

2011 = 000
2010 = 338
2009 = 516
2008 = 553
2007 = 274
2006 = 179
2005 = 155
2004 = 271
2003 = 355
2002 = 311
2001 = 255
2000 = 204
Since March 2000 QRS 259 has been providing First Responder Care to the citizens of Shaler and
QRS 259
Responding EMS Units
Past QRS Vehicles
Station 259 QRS - 2000-2010
10 Years of Service and Still Running
In our 10 years we've responded to over 3,000 Medical Assists
Bauerstown Station 259